Knick Elektronische Messgeräte

Knick Elektronische Messgeräte

Painstaking, pedantic, and precise. The products from Knick are based on typically German characteristics. This is exactly why Knick has become a world leader – in electrical isolation, process analytics, and loop-powered digital indicators, for example. Exceptional and striking – with a smile. Knick wanted its new image brochure and the market launch of two new product families to meet this description. This is why the company decided to work with Casser+Partner.

ProLine brochure

BasicLine product launch

With strikingly personalized brochures in six languages, messages with a smile, and an exceptionally self-confident tone, we put our finger on the pulse of business customers – establishing Knick’s image as a market leader in a new, economical segment in the process.

Knick image brochure

ProLine P 50000 launch

With the new ProLine P 50000 series, Knick quality became available for use in rail vehicles for the very first time. Casser+Partner’s memorable product launch at InnoTrans made sure that all the visitors to the world’s largest train trade show were able to experience how a small product could bring about major progress in the sector.


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Graphic Designer Berlin, Graphic Design Berlin

Michael Casser
Focal areas: Art direction, concept development, consulting 

Specialty: Corporate design 

Since: 1992

  • FAB Werbeagentur, Berlin
  • MMB, Berlin
  • Casser+Partner, Berlin

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Sebastian Riess: Copywriter Berlin, text, conception

Sebastian Riess
Focal areas: Copywriter, text, concept development, consulting 

Specialty: Brand communication
Since: 1989

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Bea Klenk, graphic artist Berlin

Bea Klenk
Focal areas: Art direction, concept development
Specialty: Editorial Design
Since: 1995

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